This is how a smear test at the corona test center really works – habberge district prepares for a second wave

This is how a smear test at the corona test center really works - habberge district prepares for a second wave

Tested by transient eyes report. From a painful scratching that extends from the nasal septum up to the frontal lobe. Such horror stories of corona smears do not prove true at the wonfurt test station. The newly established corona center is not only a contact point for travelers returning to the area, but also a mabnahme with which the district of habberge is preparing itself for a possible second corona wave.

It feels a bit like queuing up at the border checkpoint on the way to your vacation. Make a sharp right turn and then choose line 1. At the end of the queue of cars, however, there is not a muddy border guard waiting, but a health department employee armed with a long cotton swab. The corona test center at the wonfurt district waste center has now been in operation for a week and a half. Whereas at the beginning of the pandemic there was occasional chaos at the two test stations in habfurt due to duplicate appointments, the two-hour swab round in wonfurt ran smoothly on the very first day.

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Since the 1. In september, people returning from vacation – but also citizens who want to be tested on their own request – can register via a form on the homepage of the district office. As soon as the name, contact data, car license plate number, ID card number and health insurance card number have been sent, it takes around three hours for the appointment to be confirmed by e-mail. The swab is taken surprisingly quickly the very next day. This is not an exception to the first day of the test – the citizens should continue to be able to count on a prompt appointment, the district office promises.

Don’t forget your face mask

Two employees in neon yellow warning vests direct drivers on the gelande toward the test station, where three cars are already waiting in line. ID cards, health insurance cards, a printed or digital version of the appointment confirmation and the obligatory mouth protection should be ready to hand.

The swab itself takes only a few seconds. Those who don’t hesitate and open their mouths wide enough even receive a commendatory "very good"!" A gift from the employees. A short, dry scratch in the throat – the sample is already taken. The test result is announced either by mail or letter – or most conveniently via the official corona warning app and QR code. The result is only three days late and to the delight of all colleagues: negative.

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The district office has long had an internal coordination team that deals with the possible outbreak of crises and the necessary response to them, explains press spokeswoman monika gohr. Before the corona pandemic, for example, it was swine fever that the crisis team was working to contain. From an organizational point of view, the district office was not caught unprepared by corona.

"We had positioned ourselves well early on. This was the reason why we have managed the crisis well together so far", sums up gohr. Currently, the coordination group consists of district administrator wilhelm schneider, the individual department heads, representatives of the volunteer fire departments, the general practitioners based in the district, the aid organizations as well as the BRK and technical aid organization, the federal armed forces and employees of the district administration and health office.

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The previously established structures had helped to prepare for the floods that had occurred on 16. Marz to respond to bavaria-wide disaster alert. Since then, the inspections have continued to be carried out regularly. However, such a result is also due to the cooperation of the individual employees and the support of external forces, emphasizes gohr. "The cooperation of all the authorities and aid organizations involved was excellent", is the satisfied conclusion.

Lessons learned from previous experience

But those responsible also had to contend with difficulties – especially at the beginning of the pandemic: constantly new information arriving made it necessary to adjust the lineup of employees every hour. The management of the burgertelefon was a special challenge.

Since the government made relaxations of the corona decrees public, sometimes at short notice, at press conferences and in live streams, many burghers expected the landratsamt to respond in real time as well. "But that is not the case", gohr makes clear. "At first, we only hear about changes ourselves from the internet." It takes some time before a reliable result is available. Due to delivery bottlenecks, there was a shortage of protective clothing in the meantime. But: "here we could learn from the experiences of the first wave and are well rustet."

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As autumn approaches, another problem is causing concern: the difficulty of distinguishing the symptoms of a common flu from those of a corona infection. There are no plans at present to set up another corona test center in the district, however, the district administration assures: "we are well prepared for a second wave."

7 smear tests completed by health department staff at testing station within 15 minutes. There are therefore no long waiting times. If necessary, the number could be adjusted upward.

135 people have been swabbed on the four test days so far at the wonfurt station (as of friday, 11. September 2020). 41 citizens were returning from a trip, 17 people came back from a risk area and 77 people wanted to be tested themselves.

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