Training opens up opportunities for advancement

Training opens up opportunities for advancement

The variety of technical professions is rough. At nipro glass in munnerstadt (formerly MG glas), four different apprenticeship occupations are offered. There are still applicants, but in view of the demographic development, training manager frank biegner also expects a shortage of skilled workers and that trainees will become a scarce commodity. For this reason, nipro also likes to use the girls' day to give young people an insight into the technical professions offered by the company.

Technical branch an advantage
"There are still applicants", says frank biegner. It gets a little more difficult when it comes to the closer selection, because some of the interested parties apply for a technical profession, but do not attend a technical branch at secondary school. He thinks this is not easy and gets approval from sandra fiegand, who is a trained production mechanic herself and has completed many further training courses, including a technician's apprenticeship. The technical branch is not a prerequisite, but it makes training easier, she says. Because technical mathematics and physics are basics that are needed again and again, which frank biegner also confirms.

Sandra fiegand (quality management and assurance), frank biegner (deputy head of the maintenance department) and catharina pickel (technical customer service) were happy to organize the girls' day because they see such taster days as a good way of informing young people at an early stage about the career opportunities in the company, but also about the requirements. Three girls had a look around for one day this time. Celine reichert, nina neumayr and lena gundelach were curious about work processes and only lena gundelach already had some experience in technical things.

Soldering, engraving, drilling were on the agenda in the company's workshops yesterday – all work that young people have to learn during their training at nipro. For this reason, the girls were also partly guided by apprentices. There was a tour of the factory, a printing plate was also made, then the girls could help print glaziers using the silk-screen printing process. They learned more about mechanical processing machines (milling machines, lathes and drills) and were allowed to engrave their own name plate.

Frank biegner spoke of good career opportunities for young people who are training at nipro in munnerstadt. For example, the young process mechanics for glass technology were offered good opportunities for further training. The company wants to retain its skilled workers. That's why it's quite possible to train as a technician or even study at university. Employees were also given time off for the project.

You had the rough industry in the neighborhood. "We have to remain flexible", biegner emphasized with regard to the company's willingness to support further education and training. This, too, should help to alleviate the shortage of young talent that threatens in the coming years. The profession of process mechanic for glass technology has been trained at nipro for about five years now. There are also apprentices for machining mechanics, industrial mechanics and plant electronics technicians. A total of seven young people are currently undergoing training in the company's technical departments, frank biegner informs us.

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