Trosdorf regnitz center ready in september

Trosdorf regnitz center ready in september

Huge piles of different shades of paint line what will soon become the new access road to what already bears a pioneering name: main-regnitz-center. The whole thing reminds a little bit of the phoenix and the ashes thing. Because using the recyclable parts of the demolished complex of the former shopping center will grow an imposing new center. And above all: in september, the main-regnitz-center in trosdorf should be completed, so that the customers can come here. With the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, the mayor, construction company and developer sent the project into the final stage of development.

Mayor johann pfister (BI) and real estate manager kai nootny (garigal immobilien), who is overseeing the 10-million-euro project for the luxembourg-based property company cheyne, hope that the new center will build on the success of the first legendary shopping center in the bamberg region, the EZB (einkaufszentrum beyer), which was built in 1968. The specifications for the utilization concept were adhered to exactly, pfister is pleased to say, with a view to the intercommunal working group. Nootny had particular praise for the cooperation with the district administration office "normally, everything is much more difficult", he commented on the approval process. Nootny says that tenants already exist for 90 percent of the approximately 11,000 square meters of retail space. Anchor tenants are mucke (5000 square meters) and kaufland (4000 square meters). The two above-mentioned companies are supplementing their existing facilities in the bamberg area at the trosdorf site. Among other tenants, nootny mentioned frisor, flower store, takko (textiles). Negotiations are underway with denn’s biomarkt. In the next few weeks, marco heinrich (fur garigal immobilien) will contact other potential tenants.

The gas station, which will be a free one, will be preserved and modernized. On the cheyne site, which covers a total of about 40,000 square meters, there will be a good 560 parking spaces, almost twice as many as before.
From november the hei mische company metzner was busy with demolition, sorting and recycling work. After all, about 60 percent of the former complex has been demolished. A good 6000 cubic meters of recycled, sorted and tested building material are now stored in rough piles, waiting to be reused in the construction work. The part of the shopping center that was built about ten years ago has been left standing, but it has been gutted.

A completely new flood protection dam will be built, on which a public road will open up the center area. The entire area, previously known as the trosdorf industrial area, is being revalued by the center project, says pfister, who would now like to see it given a different, correspondingly attractive name. He is pleased about the creation of 250 jobs and the fact that the center is also accessible by city bus.

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