Two injured in shooting at mosque near oslo

two injured in shooting at mosque near oslo

Two people were slightly injured on saturday when a heavily armed man attacked a mosque near the norwegian capital of oslo.

Three believers were still inside the al noor mosque in baerum near oslo after prayers when the man, armed with two shotguns and a pistol, entered the building, mosque representative ifran mushtaq told TV2. Two of the men immediately jumped for cover, but a 70-year-old man overpowered the attacker. Shots were fired.

Both the gunman and one of the mosque-goers were slightly injured in the scuffle. The attacker was finally put out of action by a blow to the back of the head. The police finally arrested the young man, who was wearing a protective vest.

The suspected perpetrator is a native norwegian who lives nearby, police spokesman rune skjold said. No further details or background to the project have been disclosed. Other attackers were presumably not involved in the incident, it continued. There was also no information about the motive of the suspect. The man’s online activities were still under review, skjold said.

Government leader erna solberg condemned the incident. "Attendance at mosque, church or other houses of worship should be safe," she wrote in a statement released that evening. She too did not want to comment on the motive for the crime.

According to local media reports, the area around the mosque was cordoned off over a wide area. In addition, a large police force had been observed around the suspected residence of the arrested man, it said.

Following the terrorist attack on two mosques in christchurch, new zealand, in which a right-wing extremist shot 51 people and injured another 50 in march, additional security measures had been introduced at the al-noor mosque in baerum, according to local media reports.

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