Two want to become mayor

Two want to become mayor

The meeting of the abtswinder burgerblock, at which the candidates for the succession of mayor klaus lenz were to present themselves, had been expected with some suspense. 116 voters from abtswinder came to the haus des gastes to hear who was running for office. Two candidates, jurgen schulz and winfried weidt, threw their hats into the ring for the election as local chief executive. At the same time, the list for the municipal council was drawn up on monday evening.

First, the citizens decided by vote that no candidate for mayor would be nominated from the assembly. The election thus remains open, the people of abtswind must, as in the past, write the name of their favorite on the blank ballot on election day. Mayor lenz first asked who would like to run as his successor.

Encouraged by many burghers

First winfried weidt stepped forward and confirmed his interest. The 50-year-old owner of a painting business in abtswind has been a member of the municipal council of his home municipality for twelve years. The married father of two children said he had decided to run after being encouraged to do so by many citizens. Weidt named a few points that he would like to push in the town in the event of his election. As a self-employed businessman, he sees no problem in simultaneously holding the office of company director and mayor.

Multipurpose hall for abtswind

Second, jurgen schulz (48) presented his candidacy. Having grown up in abtswind, the married father of two children has been a member of the town council for the past six years. The mechanical engineering technician works for a heating and installation company in abtswind. Schulz presented some ideas, which he would like to realize in the village. In general, he would like to involve the associations more in some things, in order to achieve some things together. He also put forward the idea of building a multi-purpose hall, a local heat supply could be considered, which could be supplied by wood from the community forest. It is also important to think about the designation of a new commercial area. "I have a lot in mind, we can do a lot together," said the applicant.

Some had speculated on further candidates for the office of mayor. Later, when the candidates for the municipal council list presented themselves, two of them, holger lenz and rudi weikert, whose names had been mentioned several times beforehand, made the cut. Weikert said he was too involved in his work and was already 60 years old. Holger lenz, son of the mayor, claimed that he did not have enough experience in local politics and wanted to try his hand in the town council first.

When the list for the town council was drawn up, the order of the seats was chosen by written ballot. Dieter eckhof and klaus keller will not stand for re-election from the current municipal council. Despite eager attempts, only two women agreed to join the list. Jurgen schulz will run only as a mayoral candidate, while winfried weidt would also like to stand for the municipal council.

At the beginning of the meeting, mayor klaus lenz took the opportunity to look back at some of the projects that have been tackled in the community during the current election period since 2008. The biggest challenge was the complete reconstruction and renovation of the municipal swimming pool. Extensive renovation work is currently underway on the parish alley and the market square.

Abtswind local council: only 13 people stood for the 16 places on the list of the citizens’ block. The elections resulted in the following order of precedence: 1. Thomas gollner, 2. Elisabeth zehnder, 3. Jurgen bunnagel, 4. Rudi weikert, 5. Winfried weidt, 6. Hermann hofer, 7. Frank dorr, 8. Heiko darr, 9. Holger lenz, 10. Andrea gollner, 11. Friedrich hofer, 12. Andreas huscher, 13. Oliver senft.

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