Unemployment registration is sufficient for child benefit entitlement

Unemployment registration is sufficient for child benefit entitlement

The children do not have to additionally declare that they are also "job-seeking are, the federal fiscal court (BFH) in munich ruled in a decision published on wednesday. The family benefits office was therefore not allowed to refuse child benefits, as happened in the case in question. (AZ: V R 22/15)

according to the law, children up to the age of 21 are entitled to child benefit. The children are entitled to child benefit on their 60th birthday if they are not in employment and are registered as jobseekers with the employment agency. In addition, there is an entitlement during the training period up to the age of 25. Year of life.

In the case in question, the 19-year-old daughter of the plaintiff had registered as unemployed for two months in 2010 after finishing her training, and then started a new job. In order for her mother to continue to receive child benefit for her, she had to fill out a form from the employment agency. It said: "I am looking for a job … Workplace … Apprenticeship … Only counseling, no job search". But instead of ticking one of the options, the daughter merely announced the period of her unemployment.

The family insurance fund then canceled the child benefit. The daughter had only pointed out that she was unemployed – but not that she was "looking for work" be. But this was a prerequisite for the payment of child benefit.
However, the BFH awarded the mother child benefit. A simple unemployment registration is sufficient for the claim. Proof that work is actually being sought is not required to qualify for child support.

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