Vc eltmann improves a lot in the second half of the season

Vc eltmann improves a lot in the second half of the season

The volleyball players of VC eschenbacher eltmann were not going to let this victory and this one title, albeit an unofficial one, be taken away from them. At the end of the season, they defeated champions TSV herrsching 3:1 in the newly created third division, thus finishing the round as the best team in the second round with only one defeat in eight matches. "All in all, we are very satisfied, says rolf werner, member of the VCE executive board responsible for sports, about the team's third-place finish in the third-highest german league.

Almost no seasonal preparation
After a mixed first half of the season with four wins and four defeats, the team improved considerably. That, according to werner, was also to be expected, because: "due to some ambiguities, we had virtually no preparation."

These uncertainties primarily concerned the position of coach. Just a few weeks before the start of the season, the eltmanners signed a new player in charge of the third-division team in the form of bundesliga veteran heriberto quero, a former venezuela national team player. After that, time was obviously too short to form a unit that could compete at the top of the table right from the start. In the first half of the season "we have not brought our PS to the strabe", says the sports director. The defeats in friedberg and at home against the VCO kempfenhausen were the main result of this. But after the turn of the year the eltmanners caught themselves and only had to admit defeat at the fourth VC dresden II.

Splendid acceptance
"We are good in all elements", answers rolf werner to the question about the strengths of his squad. "You can't afford weak points in this league." As a "prachtstuck", but of the team he calls the acceptance. This has also made a controlled and variable game structure with a correspondingly high success rate in attack possible. Kai naumann had to shoulder most of the responsibility for the supporting player position, since sascha kucera was not available for professional reasons, according to werner. "He thought he could arrange it, but it didn't work out", explains the sports director. Since with middle blocker johannes waigand a further planned regular player likewise due to occupation at short notice fell out, the eltmanner had to contest the third league season to a large extent with only nine men. "We already had a thin squad", female werner.

Coach quero stays with the VCE
It is not yet clear what the lineup for the next round will look like. Heriberto quero will remain as player-coach, with whom the eltmanners have agreed on a three-year cooperation for the time being, and also with middle blocker kenneth blanca, who also comes from venezuela, the eltmanner responsible persons plan. In general, rolf werner emphasizes: "for me, the current players are all set", in other words: the eltmanners would prefer to keep all their current players.

Bringing in young players
But mainly for professional reasons is not yet sure whether it will work out. An example: kai naumann, the werner as a steller "absolutely second league level" certified, is currently writing his bachelor's thesis at university, and according to werner, it is still open where his path will take him afterwards "but if he stays, it is clear to me that our first player kai naumann will stay".

"We'll meet next week to talk about the upcoming season", says the sports director. But final clarity will of course not yet prevail even then. The goal of the VCE is to compete again with the current squad and to introduce two young players to the level of the third league. A candidate for this role is jakob weib from their own young talent, rolf werner as "huge talent" but: "he's graduating from high school this year" – what will come after that is not yet foreseeable.

Either way, the goals for the coming season are high at VC eltmann. "If it's up to me", says rolf werner, the team then wants to aim for the championship and promotion to the second division. It remains to be seen, however, which relegated teams from the second division will compete in the third division southeast and with what ambitions and possibilities they will enter the season.

The training pesnsum is to be increased
The eltmanners want to change two things in order to be at the top from the start in the 2013/14 round. They want to complete an orderly preparation for the season and train more often during the new season than in the previous one. "On average, maybe one and a half times" the team could practice together per week, explains werner, which is already "very little training". Professional reasons had not allowed for a more intensive workload.

The "heibe phase" should start at the beginning of august the preparation for the start of the season in october begins "once or twice a week on a voluntary basis", says werner, should be trained until then, and in the summer one or the other eltmanner player is also active in beach volleyball.

More spectators
Thus prepared, the eltmanners want to offer their audience even more victories in the fall and winter than in their first third league round – and thus also attract one or two more spectators. Even if with the VSG coburg (with the former eltmanner coach milan maric), which is on the jump in the federal league, the competition in the region is rough. Around 200 to 250 visitors per game, werner estimates, came to the eltmann home games in georgschafer hall during the past season. This is "capable of being increased". The good crowd at the recent game against champions TSV herrsching gives the sports director hope in this respect "there were a lot of people there that i hadn't seen in the hall for a long time before. Maybe they liked it and will continue to support us".

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