Watercolors from passion

watercolors from passion

Outgoing hospital managing director thilo penzhorn described the late artist, who was born in furth, worked as an engineer in the medical industry, and only started working in "atelier 1" at the end of the 1990s had begun intensive painting with clemens wuttke, as an artist who had traveled far and wide.
Manfred hilpert, who has been an avid collector of watercolors for decades and has been able to devote himself actively to this genre in his retirement, does not allow himself to be tied down to specific motifs. No matter whether he is painting familiar french villages with a lot of melancholy, still lifes with expressively luminous flowers and exotic fruit compositions, or the southern french provence style on vacation, the camera for a motif is always there. A hilpert work of art is created at home. "But I also see a photo in the ADAC magazine that I spontaneously choose as the basis for one of my next pictures, and I enjoy it every time I sit together with a german-speaking teacher for a painting circle during my stays in the south of france. For me, painting has now evolved from a hobby to a passion."
Since 2004 the member of the erlanger kunstverein has been painting in "atelier 20" with ekkehardt hofmann in leutershausen and also attended seminars with bernhard vogel in salzburg and werner maier in munich.

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