Weismain city council discusses variants for bypass

Weismain city council discusses variants for bypass

The weismain district of wohnsig was immersed in female splendor on saturday. This was the reason for the walk along the "old jewish path" by the city council literally in the snow. A virtue was made of necessity: farmer georg tempel opened the doors of his barn, the plan with the marked route was attached to the wall, and immediately a discussion about the right bypass for the jura got underway. Small variant in the immediate vicinity of the villages of wohnsig, wunkendorf and modschiedel or rough solution via the old jews’ path – that was the question on which both citizens and local politicians were divided. Both routes run to the west of the three places mentioned above.

There was only one thing on which everyone agreed: the wohnsiger berg must be defused. Several city council members had their vehicles skid on the slippery hairpin curve just before wohnsig and had to turn back without having achieved anything. This clearly demonstrated the problem to the participants. Tempel spoke from the soul of everyone when he stated: "not only on weekends do we have wintry road conditions in wohnsig, but also on weekdays, when the truck drivers are on the road."

The two villagers with the same name studied the plan attentively: hans herold, whose house is number 6, and his namesake, who has number 8 on his building. Both spoke against building a bypass on the old jewish path, preferring the short solution. Why? "As a full time farmer I am against it. Valuable farmland that I own was cut up as a result", said the younger of the two herolds. In the case of the older one, this sounds as follows: "the rough variant only leads to a landfrab." In their opinion, half of the village is against the jewish way. A clear contra came from klaus schreppe, who has realized his dream of owning his own home in wohnsig: "in a small lot, the trucks would whiz right past my house." He fears that it will cause pollution for all citizens living in the immediate vicinity of the bypass.

Georg tempel also rejects the small solution. However, for a different reason: the current district road, which is to serve as a link between the three bypasses of wohnsig, wunkendorf and modschiedel, is not designed for heavy goods traffic in terms of its width, the farmer said.

Mayor udo dauer (CSU) repeatedly reminded the council that the district was demanding a clear position from the city of weismain: should the route along the old jewish path be pushed through or should a short bypass be built around wohnsig, wunkendorf and modschiedel?? The head of the city pointed out in this in connection to the consequences, should the city council decide for the judentrasse: "then the county, for which a rough solution is too expensive, will hand over the whole thing to the state. In the development plan for the state roads, no continuation of the state road 2191 over the old judenweg is currently planned. This project will be realized at the earliest in the next update of the development plan in 2021."

Having reached this point, dauer brought the so-called junktim into play in his explanations. The upper nature conservation authority feared that the construction of the weismain bypass would lead to an increase in traffic. In order to get the heavy traffic out of the kleinziegenfelder valley, which is under nature conservation protection, the state construction office and the nature conservation authority had agreed to direct the truck traffic over the jurassic heights. "Without a bypass of wohnsig, modschiedel and wunkendorf there is no bypass of weismain", dauer clarified.

Councilman alois dechant of the burgerblock (BB) questioned the dependency ratio. He had been told otherwise during his talks with the state building authority. City council does not think much of the small bypass. In his opinion, it would not be accepted by the truck drivers. His fear: the trucks will continue to drive through the picturesque kleinziegenfeld valley.

For city councilor georg herold (CSU) from modschiedel, the junktim is simply blackmail. He agreed with dechant that a complete solution for the weismain area could be implemented in stages if necessary.

The suggestion of oldburg’s mayor fritz dietz went in a somewhat different direction: "why don’t we first build the short bypass, as the county wants to realize it now, and realize the rough solution in ten years??" The resigned chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, jochen bauer, pleaded for a careful consideration of the two options. He considered the preparation of an expert report to be useful.

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