What is going on in the city hall

Everyone knows what it’s like: a quick trip to the town hall or the public utility company to take care of something: picking up a monthly pass, buying a garden bag, re-registering your residence, getting your cash – the vast majority of services can now be taken care of at the town hall at the ZOB in one place. This is another reason why it is sometimes very crowded there, according to the city press office. Another time, the goal will be reached without any waiting time at all. To avoid unnecessary waiting, all citizens can now check their smartphones at any time and from anywhere to see how many people have a similar request at the same time and are already in the queue.

No app or special technology is required: simply open the internet on your cell phone and go to http://ticket.Bamberg.Enter de. The most common issues (energy and water, driving certificate, internet, passport, city bus) can be found here at a glance. And you can see right away how many people are waiting at the moment. "Queue". You can even draw a ticket while you are on the road and watch virtually how the queue is moving ahead goes. The aim is to offer people in the city their services as conveniently and smoothly as possible

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