With the frisbee through the country

With the frisbee through the country

"People are already scuffling their feet and want to get out and move around in nature again", says thomas mehl and is pleased that his disc golf course in gobweinstein can now be used.

Actually, it should have been in the middle of may, the first "line go open" give. Here every interested person could take part. Moreover, the "german tour" was planned, an event for frisbee professionals. "The competitions had to be postponed because of corona", tells mehl and explains briefly what disc golf actually is.

This sport was developed in the 70s in america. The aim is to throw a frisbee with as few throws as possible in the direction of a metal catching basket on a course with 18 lanes. Like golf, the disc doesn’t land in the basket straight away. That’s why you mark the spot where the frisbee is left and throw from there until it lands in the basket.

In the south of germany, this sport is only just beginning to take off. In french-speaking switzerland, only in gobweinstein is there a permanently installed facility with 18 lanes. "I saw this once years ago in kellenhusen at the baltic sea and thought to myself, I must bring this also to france", remembers mehl. He was fascinated by the fact that two of the baskets were in the sea: "it gets interesting when you don’t hit the basket."

Spread over 2.5 kilometers

The sport is suitable for all ages. Pros bring their own frisbees, but you can also borrow some on site. "Disinfected after use. Otherwise, we have had no problems so far, because the players are disciplined and the groups meet little, because the lanes are spread over 2.5 kilometers", so flour. Either small groups or families play together.

Because of corona there were also financial bonuses for thomas mehl. Normally, the facility is also played in winter and spring. Also the easter business was cancelled this year. "Since there is no other such facility here, many players come from erlangen and nurnberg or americans from grafenwohr. The distance is not a problem. The guests take care of themselves and others", tells thomas flour. At present, according to mehl, some players even spend the night in their cars in the parking lot when they come from further away, as there are no overnight accommodation facilities at the site.

More together

Enzo pedaci from nurnberg helped him set up the course. He is the chairman of the disc golf section of the frisbee sports association of bavaria. "What I like about this sport is the movement in nature, the flight of the frisbee, and the fact that it’s not so much against each other, but with each other", explains pedaci.

He and his friends are also looking forward to getting out again and are guests in gobweinstein. "It is a bit strange, because you have to keep more distance. The logistics are also more complex", he says, because before corona there were five of them in the bus of one of the players. Now they need three cars: "it’s difficult to get to gobweinstein with public transportation."

In the last few weeks the boys played in the park in nurnberg. Now they are happy that they can train again at the facility in gobweinstein and hope that soon there will be tournaments again.

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